NASCAR Information

Driving Suits

Racecar drivers can select a variety of driving suits. Driving suits have a simple design, but available in many colors. Those who are not knowledgeable about the sport of racing may think that driving suits are simply the chosen apparel of racing. However, drivers wear these jumper-inspired suits for a reason.

When driving a vehicle at extreme speeds, drivers need to feel comfortable and safe. Racecars are equipped with standard safety features inside the vehicle. These features include pro racing seats, fire extinguishers, and padding. In the event of a crash, the chances of the driver becoming injured is greatly reduced.

Driving suits are also equipped with specific safety features. Although serious crashes are rare at racing competitions, they do occur. Racing officials ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to prevent injury to drivers. Drivers race at speeds up to 200 mph. They are required to drive along side other vehicles without crashing into another car or the wall. Fires can occur at racetracks. They usually begin as the result of a car crash. Emergency workers and fire fighters are present at all racing competitions. Fortunate for drivers, driving suits are fire-resistant.

Driving suits are made from a fire wear material. This material contains special gases that are released when the clothing is exposed to heat and fire. This gas will put out the fire, thus the driver will not burn while trapped in the vehicle. During serious crashes it may take emergency personnel a few minutes before they are able to rescue the driver. If the car is on fire, the fire must be put out before the driver can be removed. Fire resistant driving suits can potentially save a driver’s life. Even when exposed to extreme heat, driving suits will not melt or burn.

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