NASCAR Information


It is essential for racecar drivers to wear a helmet. Protective gear is very important. Racers should be suited with a racing suit, racing gloves, and safety restraints. Helmets are arguably the most important protective gear. Racers are more likely to suffer from injuries while enjoying their favorite sport. These individuals drive their vehicles in speeds up to 200 mph. One mistake could potentially end their lives. Safety gear is designed to decrease the chances of serious injuries. However, without a helmet, safety gear is useless. Racers who die from crash related injuries often experienced trauma to the head.

Professional racers and amateur street racers should wear a helmet at all times. True, these drivers wear safety restrains. Unfortunately, seat belts are not always effective. For example, if the vehicle were to flip over several times, seat belts will not protect the driver’s head.

Helmets will prevent, or lessen the trauma to the head. Head injuries are serious. Drivers that hit their head on the dashboard or window usually experience bleeding and swelling of the brain. Some drivers have even suffered from permanent brain damage because they did not wear a helmet while racing.

There is a wide selection of racing helmets. The prices of helmets also vary. Racers can choose between helmets that are full face or half face. Half face helmets will protect the top of the head. Full helmets protect the entire head and face area. The latter is more beneficial because drivers are also protecting their eyes from glass. When selecting a helmet make sure that it has a snug fit. Test the straps to ensure that they are strong. A loose fitting helmet can fall off the head during a collision. Full helmets offer great ventilation and air circulation. The shield allows clear vision that is necessary when racing a vehicle.