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NASCAR Crashes

NASCAR crashes are rare, however when they do occur, the driver may experience severe injuries. There have been past champions killed during competitions. Although racecars are equipped with safety features, there are times when this equipment is not enough to save a life. NASCAR crashes are severe because they generally involve one or more cars driving at high speeds. Cars can potentially crash into the wall and burst into flames. Amazingly, NASCAR drivers are able to walk away from a serious crash with minor injuries.

Racing officials do everything possible to prevent NASCAR crashes, and to prevent lives lost as the result of a NASCAR crash. Vehicles are serviced regularly and inspected for malfunctions. It is possible for a driver to crash because his or her brakes failed. Inspections can generally spot brake problems before it is too late. Racecar drivers are also subjected to routine drug tests. Drivers who appear intoxicated or under the influence of drug are not permitted to race. The likelihood of NASCAR crashes increase when driver judgment is impaired. In recent years additional features have been included in racecars to protect drivers.

NASCAR crashes can be survived if the driver is properly protected. Drivers have died from being thrown from vehicles. To combat this problem, seats are now being attached at several points. This helps the seat remain intact during a crash. Race car seats are also being designed to slightly hug the driver. This feature will also protect the driver from injury to their frontal area.

Stronger seat restraints will also decrease injuries. Ordinary seat belts are designed to stretch. During NASCAR crashes the vehicle is traveling at a high speed, thus the collision will be stronger. If the seat belts in racecars were allowed to stretch, the driver could sustain serious injuries. Racecars need seat belts that will securely hold the driver in his or her seat.