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NASCAR History

Racing fans are no doubt knowledgeable of NASCAR history. NASCAR began in 1947 after World War 2. Soldiers returning home from the war were in need of vehicles. Manufactures started making faster cars that appealed to a younger crowd. It did not take long for this younger generation to begin entertaining themselves by racing these faster moving cars.

A trend that began in one part of country quickly spread into other parts. Racing soon became an official sport with promoters. Organizations and racing groups formed. Racing groups would compete against other groups in the area. Problems often times surfaced because each group has their own set of rules.

Eventually all the racing groups were able to agree on established ground rules; hence the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) was formed. NASCAR racing fans may be unaware of the history behind NASCAR. They may know specific historical information such as great races, memorable moments, or the NASCAR history of certain drivers. Those interested in the history of NASCAR can learn a great deal from publications dedicated to NASCAR, and from websites that provide specific information. Fans can read about past champions from the beginning of the sport to present day.

NASCAR history also chronicles the evolution of the stock car. Without stock cars, there would be no NASCAR. Early cars were boxed shape and made of lumber. These simple cars have transformed into a sleek, uniquely designed automobile. An entertaining way to experience and learn NASCAR history is by viewing documentary programs. Two years ago IMAX theaters across the country began airing a show that explains the history behind racing. The program is educational and will provide racing fans insight into the history of this sport. This is ideal for fans that know little about the history of racing.